Where To Find A Lyme Disease/TBD Doctor

The best place to search for an LLMD in your area is ILADS physician referral.  However, I do not believe they “vet” all of those in the database.  So you still should ask around.  Go to the below link and fill out the form, and they will email you a list.  

ILADS Physician Referral Link
For those in the Winona and surrounding areas, we don’t have a lot of options that I can speak about personally.  There is a local physician, Dr. V, that will probably show up in the list above.  However, I have not seen her myself so I cannot say if she is good/bad/whatever.  

I have been HERE (Click to go to their Website) VMH Family Practice and Complementary Medicine.  We went to 1 visit only because I was not well enough to drive back nor did I have the money.  BUT they were the first people who could readily identify the lines on my daughter’s back as Bartonella.  So I think they are very knowledgable.  I believe we saw Dr. Readinger. 

The most current research does say to TREAT with about 30 days of antibiotics after any tick attachment.  Don’t wait for symptoms.  Don’t wait for a rash.  Don’t take only 1 or 2 pills like most places give you.  It may make you test negative on future Lyme tests, and it also really won’t do any good.  

Remember, though, that this will help with only certain bacteria.  If the tick infected you with a virus or Babesiosis–antibiotics aren’t going to do a thing against those.  Also, testing can only CONFIRM a diagnosis.  It cannot, ever, RULE IT OUT–no matter how many people say it.  Never.  

Be careful out there! 
–Loon Out