I am a small town mom of 2 who got sick slowly over a year or 2 and ultimately found to have Lyme disease with a probable Bartonella or Bart-like co-infection.  My daughter also has it, but my son so far has escaped.  Luckily, I have kept working while getting better; my job is a medical transcriptionist/medical language specialist–or what I like to call Secret Agent of Documentation. Sounds cooler.  

 You know on TV shows when the doctor goes and speaks to the family, and they’re all–just say it in ENGLISH doc.  I understand that language. I understand it enough to correct mistakes they make (they are human after all).  I also work on advocating the destruction of ignorance about Lyme and will be focusing on Lyme in kids locally starting this spring.  

I am an eternal optomist and over time have become almost indestructible as far as spirit.  No matter how crappy things get, I am almost always having fun–  After all, the alternative is just not me. 

 🙂 Shan 

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