Lenny Flank, Daily Kos, and the Bozos

The link to Lenny’s article–filed under Science Matters.  Click here 

An opinion piece about catching Lyme from the internets–filed under science.  I know.  

Lenny tries to make this a patient versus expert issue. Nothing could be further from the truth.  
Not only does Lenny make up facts through most of his opinion piece, the people reading and commenting on it actually believe it — then base their opinions and judgments on a foundation of lies, making their comments, what they believe to be rational insights, laughable to those who have a clue.
Case in point: Bozo #1. 


As someone with way more experience, let me tell Bozo that most patients do not care about any conspiracy. Many don’t even know about it; they are simply trying to get better.   
It’s not hard to understand corruption when you read about how Tobacco had their own scientists say that smoking was just fine, and then had doctors go out and say so to the press. That was called a conspiracy too back then. 
All one needs to do is read about the history of the research, IDSA guideline process, and the facts in the research. It’s not anything you need to twist your mind to believe. Corruption and conflicts of interest happen all the time in research. It’s not new.  
Since Lenny told Bozo that there is no evidence for persistence, he believes diagnosing such a disease is a problem. Unfortunately, Lenny lied. There is so much evidence out there for persistence it’s ridiculous.  
But don’t take my word for it. Let’s look at what Paul A, persistent persistence denier (even after this study) has to say.  Well heck– all you need is the study title.  For those who don’t know, those are antibiotics they are using. 

Drug Combinations against Borrelia burgdorferi Persisters In Vitro: Eradication Achieved by Using Daptomycin, Cefoperazone and Doxycyclin. 

Here is the study if you want to check it out.  Click Here

They aren’t even challenging the existence of persisters at this point–and the funny thing is that they found what works best is pulse therapy with combination antibiotics.  Sure that’s in mice.  But coincidentally this is the system many LLMDs have used to make patients actually reach remission.  Not based on guesses but based on previous research and what is known about other bacteria/disease processes.  

What if any of these Bozos make a judgment call based on what they read in his opinion piece about their own medical illness? Isn’t that exactly what Lenny says Lyme patients did and shouldn’t do? Of course no one should base their medical decisions on internet readings. But that doesn’t mean people should irresponsibly write opinion pieces filed under “science” and think that won’t happen.  

Lenny embodies all that he says is wrong with Lyme patients and their doctors.  Except he can’t prove this is actually what Lyme patients have done.  Anyone can take a story or 2 off the internet, but to call that “most” or charaterize it that way is nothing more than lying. 

I can actually back up all my facts with research. Lenny can’t. People need to be more careful what they fall for. It’s immensely sad what these commenters fell for without even a second thought.  
Don’t they wonder where he gets his numbers? “Most common treatment,” “small minority of patients,” “many LLMDs.” Really Lenny? You conduct some sort of poll or survey no one else knows about? Maybe you have a crystal ball?  
Lenny claims there was research done that showed a repeat EM rash shows a new infection, not persistent symptoms. Well duh. Of course a study of 17 people who were treated right away, then get another rash years later were probably bitten again. Who even questioned this? However, this was not a study about anyone having persistent symptoms at all. So exaggerating the claims does not make your point. It shows either Lenny is a liar or he didn’t actually read the study.  
My advice, and the advice of the good Lyme patient advocates will always be : Get all the facts from all sides, verify said facts, and then make the best decision for you by working with your doctor.  Funny how the people like Lenny never say this.  

Lenny says people got Lyme from being gullible and reading the internet;  why wouldn’t we then be cured by reading his article?   Oh wait I know.  Because that’s idiotic.  Funny how many people fell for it.  

–Loon Out