Lyme Western Blot

I will expand on this post in the future, but I just want to ask: If there are so many issues with the ELISA, why hasn’t there been a push by anyone in the CDC to go right to the western Blot?  After all, it does provide bands that are specific only for Borrelia.  Surely ID docs would agree that shows more of what is going on than simply one’s immune response to Borrelia.  The IDSA (and Babs especially if I am remembering right) tries to convince people that you will get far too many false positives this way.  Isn’t that much better than way too many false negatives?  And how can you have much of a false positive with reporting the bands specific for Borrelia? (Not the CDC’s surveillance only bands).  

I think this is mostly what the better LLMDs do–to confirm a diagnosis, not to GET a diagnosis.  And they are said to be so awful for doing this, even sending it to the better labs that use better tests.  Really?  Since when don’t ID docs want the most exact, specific result for a bacteria?  Maybe they are paranoid about certain labs just scamming people for money and not really being better.  Being paranoid isn’t a really good thing for patients.  Maybe they should check them out factually instead of assuming whatever crap they read about these labs is true.  

But, again, I’ll expand on that.  I just see no reason the CDC hasn’t done this a long time ago.  They have blood on their hands, definitely.  I just wonder how long until they realize they will, one day, be nailed for it.   Might not be now, might not be for years, but the sooner they let it go on, the worse it will be.  

If they want anyone at all to listen to them on Zika, Ebola, whatever–they need to get on this and make it right. 
–Loon Out 

2 thoughts on “Lyme Western Blot

  1. Anyone want some deer ticks to do research on? I have plenty. South of Winona…

    Sorry if this is a stupid newbie question. I haven’t read the whole site yet. Busy using a loupe looking at ticks stuck to tape, and throwing them away.

    1. That’s really funny you say that Mary because I stated a 5-year goal to someone the other day about wanting to study ticks or what’s inside them. That’s a long way off from today though. Email me if ya want. 🙂 My email should be on the site somewhere … I would like to know what you find and why you have so many.

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