One Too Many

I love and respect my friends and family, but I’ve seen one too many “funny” antivax … things. 

First:  For those proven to be hurt by vaccines…it’s not funny.  These are people I know doing this, and I know they’re not the type to go to the cancer ward and make fun of the kids who lost their hair…yet they post these “funny” things.  But maybe they’re just not thinking.  

Secondly, I’m not alone in my feelings outlined below.  
Being so adamant that the CDC has absolutely nothing to hide on vaccines is way too naive. Putting antivax labels on those who want more accountability, safety checks and research on vaccines is doubly so. Being careful is bad now? Where else do we just say..nah…I’m gonna trust the government has my back…without any real transparency or checks and balances? Are they really so trustworthy? 

Don’t you want to know what causes the worst vaccine reactions? You want to just keep hoping your luck isn’t going to run out? Where’s the science in that? 

I’ve seen so many similarities in Lyme and vaccine science. Bad research, corruption, flat out lying by those in positions of trust, utter character destroying for anyone not spouting the party line.  

Making normal people hate other normal people just for wanting information, accountability, and safety in their health choices.  

Tell me that last one is not the craziest. You’re really going to think I’m terrible for demanding a safe product…especially when there are already places that demand compliance? And these are sometimes people who hate being forced to buy insurance. Why don’t you want the safest possible product if it is so necessary that you believe people should be forced to get it?  

I want way more info on a vaccine before anyone forces me to get one. If you don’t, then maybe you dont realize how little we, as a country, as a world, know about disease, bacteria, and our immune systems. 

 It’s less scary to trust the CDC and doctors. It’s also less scary to hide under your covers. But safer? Not by a long shot. If you want to trust and hide–fine. Just stop bad mouthing those like me who would rather have answers and proof instead of happy pretty lies.  

–Loon Out

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