Three Cheers for the Lyme Trolls! 

I just want to take a moment to thank all those apparently anonymous and courageous people who spend more time than normally one would for strangers to help educate people about a disease they never even experienced and boldly tell them what they should do about it. It must take months of study at the prestigious Busy-Body U to learn this technique, and they selflessly use it on Lyme disease!    

How would Lyme patients know, otherwise, that their treatment isn’t working if it wasn’t for your insistence from miles away that it wasn’t working and was actually dangerous for them! They would have totally been fooled by their own ability to live their lives again! It takes a special type of person to stomp down that normal little voice that would tell one to ignore the obsessive need to control others so much they tell them what medicines to take.  Beyond that, it takes an utter genius to even know the state of their medical health without even knowing their medical history!  

But we understand you are magic, and we know the reason you insult Lyme patients is because you care! You know so much more than they do about our own lives and symptoms, conversations with their doctors, and what sort of medicines they take or are prescribed.  It must be difficult remembering so many details about so many people! I’m sure it’s not because you just assume.  I also am sure you have taken the time to research real LLMDs and what they use for treatment, and through some amazing empathic powers you just KNOW what this disease feels like for each and every single patient and also what exactly would help them.  
The breakthrough research in the last few years is obviously just useless no matter what type of experts it is done by.  Without you how else would we know Paul Auwaerter truly doesn’t believe in persistence unless you brought up his older quotes about it? His newer research was probably done under duress or something. I would have been so fooled otherwise!  It’s pretty convincing stuff that Paul put his name on.  For example (Click here to be taken to the quoted recent study ): 
“In vitro, B. burgdorferi developed increasing antibiotic tolerance as morphology changed from typical spirochetal form in log phase growth to variant round body and microcolony forms in stationary phase. B. burgdorferi appeared to have higher persister frequencies than E. coli as a control as measured by SYBR Green I/propidium iodide (PI) viability stain and microscope counting. To more effectively eradicate the different persister forms tolerant to doxycycline or amoxicillin, drug combinations were studied using previously identified drugs from an FDA-approved drug library with high activity against such persisters.” 

Intriguingly, a recent study in humans demonstrated the recovery of B. burgdorferi DNA by xenodiagnosis in a single patient with PTLDS despite antibiotic treatment [14].”

” Although these drug candidates active against persisters may not have good activity when used alone due to their poor activity against growing B. burgdorferi, it raises the question whether they may be used with another antibiotic such as doxycycline that is effective at inhibiting or killing the growing forms of B. burgdorferi. Such combinations may yield more effective treatment of Lyme disease.”

“Experimentally, since a stationary phase culture contains mixed populations of growing and non-growing bacteria that have different morphological variants such as round bodies and microcolonies that are tolerant to antibiotics [16, 17, 24], it is most likely that a single drug may not effectively kill all bacterial populations including morphological variants. In this study, we evaluated a range of drug combinations with the aim to identify optimal drug combinations that are most effective at killing B. burgdorferi persisters.”

Another amazing aspect is you even do all this educating using a pseudonym. You know it’s not classy to toot your own horn! 

I’m sure it’s not easy to point out how much the “science is settled” when all these new findings keep getting published!  I don’t know how you do it. 

Don’t let anyone tell you to focus more on your own life and stop obsessing over people you don’t know.  They don’t understand how important it is for you to control others … Your concern is just so DEEP and you just know so much BETTER than them!  You’re not a narcissist –you truly are just that great!  It has nothing to do with your inability to control your own life. That’s hogwash!  I’m sure you have no other agenda  or make money like those silly doubters say you do!  Keep on posting, commenting, blabbering all over the Internet.  I’ll be sure to keep records so people will never forget your legacy and all the really smart things you have said over the years! 

In all seriousness, trolls, please do continue.  The things you say in your own words prove you are extremely ignorant about Lyme and other TBDs (or you’re lying your pants off).  And if you really DON’T have another agenda or get something else out of trolling Lyme patients and lying about the science, you might want to PRETEND you do.  It’s probably better to be known as a sadistic, greedy liar than the incredibly twisted, creepy type of person it would take to act that way for reals. 

— Loon Out 

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