Winona Is The BEST

Some days I forget things.  Even on my best days.  My brain is not as bad as it used to be, but it still gets me in trouble here and there.

Case in point.  Went shopping, and since I am waiting for a replacement debit card (due to fraud on the other one) I have been writing checks.  No problem, right?? Except today I also forgot my driver’s license.  And the store absolutely needed that.  I did try using the other 2 cards I had with me, a prepaid one with very little left on it, and another similar type card that one needs to load–which I had very little left on as well.  Not enough though. 

So a lady behind me in line offered to pay what was left.  I think it was something like $11.  I said I could just come back … But they said it was ok.  I am pretty sure they just really wanted to get me out of there since I was holding up the line by then.  I was going to offer to get her address and stuff to pay her back, but I was pretty sure she just wanted me gone.  I probably should have asked anyway.  At that point, though, I was also trying to figure out where I left my driver’s license. I was pretty sure I put it back in my purse.  Anyway.  Of course it was on my desk.  

You know how your brain gets all full of mush when you are trying to think fast–that is what my brain does all the time.  So I couldn’t really figure out what to do except to say thank you very much, sorry to hold up the line, and skeedaddle. 

Probably she will never see this, but just in case: 

Nothing like Winona and the amazing people who live here! 
— Loon Out 

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