Education Available from Winona Lyme

I have been given many great DVDs by Minnesota Lyme Association.  They are mostly from 2011, but they would be great to show at local meetings, especially for those new to Lyme/TBDs and those in the healthcare field.  

I also bought a community copy of both Under Our Skin movies, so I am able to show these to groups when the interest is there. 

The ones from MLA: 

The Cellular And Inflammatory Response to Lyme Antigens by Sirid Kellermann, PhD 

MLA Social Security Disability

Lessons in Lyme — An Educational Series on Lyme Disease by Elizabeth Maloney, MD (2011) 

Preventing Lyme Disease: Need for prevention, disease transmission, protection strategies, responding to tick bites. 

What Everyone Should Know About Lyme Disease: Statistics, Borrelia burgdorferi, Co-infections, Ticks, Disease Presentation, Diagnostics and Treatment

Borrelia Burgdorferi:  A Brilliant Bacterium:  Family of Bacteria, Zoonotic Organism, Imune Evasion, Interactions with Humans, Open Research Questions 

Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt Professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease at NC State University, College of Vet Medicine (I believe this one is concerning Bartonella, but I haven’t gotten a chance to wactch it, just going to watch it today). 

So if anyone wants to come to a meeting on Sunday and just watch one of these DVDs, let me know.  I can’t loan them out, but anyone can come ever and watch them.  🙂  I have an open meeting every Sunday at noon for about an hour for anyone who wants to show up.  I just need advance notice, about 24 hours by email, so I can prepare and let y ou know where the meeting will be.  I also don’t like to give out my address online, and if the meetings are bigger, we will need to go to a bigger place that week).  
You can find my email on my “about” page– but I’ll put it here too.  No spaces, and replace (at) with @I just have to write it like this to avoid issues. 

WinonaLyme (at) 

Kids who are well behaved enough to sit and listen are welcome.  They should learn about this also 🙂 
–Loon Out