Hello To The International Folks! 

I don’t get a lot of specific information on who visits my blog, but it does tell me from which country people visit me.  

So I thought I would just say a special thank you for stopping in!  

Some of the most recent places: 

UK (My son’s #1 place he wants to visit) Welcome! 

France (I can’t find any brioche, my favorite bread ever, in the area! Can you believe that? And I’m really bad at making it myself). Welcome!  Sorry.  I can’t speak French.  At all.  I can’t even do a good fake accent.  So I won’t put you through it. 🙂 

Ireland (think my name is Irish much?– Shannon Devine).  Welcome!  

Other countries I have noticed: 

Poland–Dzień Dobry!  (My dearly departed grandmother taught me that one along with the national anthem and a few Polish Christmas Carols 🙂 

Brazil:  I only know a few phrases that I needed to use when I used to work as a telephone operator … Portuguese is such a beautiful language!  

A few here and there from Japan: Konnichiwa! My daughter is living in your awesome country for the (college) school year, and you are taking great care of her so far!  🙂 She LOVES it.  Except the big bees.  LoL.  

Spain— I think I have seen some from there too!  Gorgeous country! 

I have always lived in the US, right in the area I am in now.  My ancestors are from many different countries, so I am what some people call a “mutt.”  I am a little bit of each of these: French, “Bohemian,” Polish, German, Norwegian, Irish,  and Italian.  

Though I am happy to see so many interesting places show up here–it is also quite sad that Lyme and TBDs are this widespread.   

If anyone wants to leave a comment, please don’t feel shy!  I love to hear from other places, how things are over there as far as Lyme and tick-borne diseases.  

I have noticed a lot of people visit my post about the bartonella rash.  Is this something that is happening more and more in other countries or is there some other reason this is a popular post? I don’t know unless you all tell me.  🙂 

If you want to know about a specific subject and I can help–let me know that too.  

I wish there was an easier way to comment here, but I think you need to sign up.  I do also have an email address that I put on my “about” page.  I check that email at least once a day.  I don’t trust it 100% because there have been some missing messages at times, but you can try me there, of course.  

You can also visit me on Facebook under Winona Lyme.  I haven’t been updating that page as much, but if more people say hello over there, I will. 🙂 

Please take care and know that I really do appreciate every single person who comes to read my posts.  Most of them were written to get out some of my frustration in a somewhat healthy way, but if they help or entertain–all the better!  

Though it is sad so many are affected by these diseases–it does have a good side: We are such a large group of people, you will  never be alone.  

Big huge hugs all around the world! 

–Loon Out 

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