IRrational Wiki on Lyme Disease 

After studying genetics and the immune system the past 2 weeks, reading the sort of garbage that Rational Wiki dumped on a page about Lyme disease was such a shock to the system that I giggled and laughed for about 10 minutes straight.  

Are they serious?  *snicker*  If nothing else I can pull that memory out on a bad day, and it will cheer me up.  

Anyone who uses the word “woo” in a supposed serious article is just not going to be taken seriously.  

Anyone who thinks Quackwatch is a reference … hee hee … Key. Ripes.  I can’t even.  

I’ll be back later this weekend to post some actual FACTS that these RATional Wikiers either don’t know or don’t care to know or just lied about.  (I can’t know their reasons). 

Let’s nut-shell this: 

           Rational Wiki’s Lyme disease entry is one big Straw Man. And an ugly one at that.  

–Loon Out 

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