The Fellowship of the Squiggle 

Ok I said I wouldn’t use it in public, but I just couldn’t resist on my own blog.  Most people get a joke while still understanding I’m serious about this committee.  

Recently I was asked to join a committee to work on promoting Dr. Alan MacDonald’s work for the purposes of not only funds, as he does not patent anything and his work is open access, but to also educate others on these truly amazing findings on Borrelia and Alzheimer’s disease.  

So our serious title is – Paul Duray Fellowship Ad hoc Committee supporting Dr. Alan MacDonald’s Research

You see why I needed to shorten that for my own personal, informal usage?  

It’s just not that easy to pronounce “PDFAHCSDAMR” either.  

Here is the website where you can donate.  Not sure if there is a minimum, but seriously folks, any little bit helps.  Dr. MacDonald follows the science, not what other people think the science should be.  So he depends on donations.   

A big virtual Loon hug — that’s me, running at you with open hug-you wings–

 to all who either read or spread the word or donate, or all three!  
— Loon Out 

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