Local Meetings

If anyone would like to come to the Lyme/Tick-Borne Disease support group, please email me before Sunday at winonalyme@yahoo.com.  Or you can contact me on Facebook.  I am also listed under Winona Lyme there.  There have been no emails so far today so there is not one today, but my letter was just in today’s paper so I do expect more next week.  

I will also be posting some additional helpful links on this blog today too.  Don’t be shy emailing me.  🙂  I do work full-time and homeschool, but I do get back to everyone!  

Please note I do not promote any specific treatment, sell anything, etc.  I have been in touch with Minnesota Lyme Association over the years, but I am not a chapter of them.  I do my own thing.  I have some educational DVDs from them that I can show during some meetings if there are enough health professionals (or patients) interested, but I cannot offer any sort of credit of course for something like that.  

The location for the meetings may change depending on how many are coming that week, but I should be able to let anyone know by Friday.  Most meetings will probably (for now) take place on my apartment, and I don’t want to advertise that address so I will need to email it to those coming to the meetings.  

Hope to see you soon!
–Loon Out 

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