IRrational Wiki on Lyme Disease 

After studying genetics and the immune system the past 2 weeks, reading the sort of garbage that Rational Wiki dumped on a page about Lyme disease was such a shock to the system that I giggled and laughed for about 10 minutes straight.  

Are they serious?  *snicker*  If nothing else I can pull that memory out on a bad day, and it will cheer me up.  

Anyone who uses the word “woo” in a supposed serious article is just not going to be taken seriously.  

Anyone who thinks Quackwatch is a reference … hee hee … Key. Ripes.  I can’t even.  

I’ll be back later this weekend to post some actual FACTS that these RATional Wikiers either don’t know or don’t care to know or just lied about.  (I can’t know their reasons). 

Let’s nut-shell this: 

           Rational Wiki’s Lyme disease entry is one big Straw Man. And an ugly one at that.  

–Loon Out 

Don’t Make Me Drag You …

Pop on over to this link, sign this awesome letter to John Caudwell supporting Dr. Alan MacDonald’s research on Borrelia (Lyme) and Alzheimer’s.  

Click Here For The Awesome Letter

The only people with access to your info is our committe.  You can trust us with your email–Promise.  It won’t be listed anywhere public.  You can even be anonymous … but then I won’t know who to thank.  😉  

And if you do, once again: 

–Loon Out 

The Fellowship of the Squiggle 

Ok I said I wouldn’t use it in public, but I just couldn’t resist on my own blog.  Most people get a joke while still understanding I’m serious about this committee.  

Recently I was asked to join a committee to work on promoting Dr. Alan MacDonald’s work for the purposes of not only funds, as he does not patent anything and his work is open access, but to also educate others on these truly amazing findings on Borrelia and Alzheimer’s disease.  

So our serious title is – Paul Duray Fellowship Ad hoc Committee supporting Dr. Alan MacDonald’s Research

You see why I needed to shorten that for my own personal, informal usage?  

It’s just not that easy to pronounce “PDFAHCSDAMR” either.  

Here is the website where you can donate.  Not sure if there is a minimum, but seriously folks, any little bit helps.  Dr. MacDonald follows the science, not what other people think the science should be.  So he depends on donations.   

A big virtual Loon hug — that’s me, running at you with open hug-you wings–

 to all who either read or spread the word or donate, or all three!  
— Loon Out 

Local Meetings

If anyone would like to come to the Lyme/Tick-Borne Disease support group, please email me before Sunday at  Or you can contact me on Facebook.  I am also listed under Winona Lyme there.  There have been no emails so far today so there is not one today, but my letter was just in today’s paper so I do expect more next week.  

I will also be posting some additional helpful links on this blog today too.  Don’t be shy emailing me.  🙂  I do work full-time and homeschool, but I do get back to everyone!  

Please note I do not promote any specific treatment, sell anything, etc.  I have been in touch with Minnesota Lyme Association over the years, but I am not a chapter of them.  I do my own thing.  I have some educational DVDs from them that I can show during some meetings if there are enough health professionals (or patients) interested, but I cannot offer any sort of credit of course for something like that.  

The location for the meetings may change depending on how many are coming that week, but I should be able to let anyone know by Friday.  Most meetings will probably (for now) take place on my apartment, and I don’t want to advertise that address so I will need to email it to those coming to the meetings.  

Hope to see you soon!
–Loon Out