“Yoooou Dirty Raaat!”

Doing my usual searches for Lyme news, I came across this on a website.  Someone had asked what in the world could they have meant by this :

“…tissues of both shame- and antibiotic-treated mice in the absence of histopathology …”

She asked what sort of shaming one would do to mice?  Were they “…telling the mouse to get up out of bed you aren’t really ill?”  

Struck me funny, that line.  

And of course I had to take a screen capture of the incorrect article abstract for future giggling.  It’s in the last sentence of the abstract.  

They, of course, meant “sham-treated” mice. 

I understand too well about typos, but I do love when they make me laugh like this one did.  

I’m easily amused these days.  

–Loon Out 

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