The Demonization of Stiles 

Yes, I am a Teen Wolf fan.  I admit it whole-heartedly.  Sometimes people laugh, but I don’t care one bit.  I know they are laughing because it seems, by title alone, like some silly remake of that movie where Michael J. Fox wears fur.  But you can watch the FIRST EPISODE and fall in love with it.  So it doesn’t take long to make people stop laughing. 

Well, stop laughing at ME and start laughing at the show.  Because they like it, not because they think it’s silly.

SIGH.  You know what I mean.  

This specific entity ties in well to something happening in the Lyme/TBD world.  

It’s all about appearances.  It has been a marketing game from almost day 1.  

Durland Fish, as many know, wrote these words: “This battle cannot be won on a scientific front.  We need to mount a socio-political offensive … ”

There has been an effort by many, with the IDSA at the forefront, painting a picture of Lyme patients/advocates as crazy loons who know nothing of science who are trying to take YOU down with them and are dangerous.  

It is sort of like that little demon on one’s shoulder, telling half-truths or straight-up lies to make you think something you have never thought about someone … a trusted friend or family member who normally was never sick or lazy has suddenly become bed-bound?  It must be because they read something on the internet and some wacko Lyme doctor is taking advantage of them–they are brainwashed!  

In this case it is even worse because the person saying this is not even a demon; it is a supposed trusted entity: the IDSA, the CDC, a local physician.  They are supposed to help people.  
How fitting, then, that this season of Teen Wolf is about the Dread Doctors.  

It includes a character who becomes somewhat trusted, though the audience knows he is not a nice guy.  Let’s call him Bad Wolf.  He starts to sow seeds of doubt with half truths, out-and-out lies to make Stiles look like the bad guy and himself look like the good guy.  Which, of course, is the entire opposite. 
These seeds are then given the tiniest bit of water by things that Stiles says and does.  Though these things are truly benign on their own, the doubt now grows in Scott’s head about his best friend, and he starts believing that Stiles is a murderer.  

Scott and Stiles have been best friends for quite a while, and they have been through some pretty rough tests on their character, proven to be pretty darned good people, especailly for those still in high school.  I know.  It’s TV.  Yet you would think this would be able to stand a little seed or two of doubt, right? 

One important ingredient that causes Scott to believe Bad Wolf is the fact that Bad Wolf was THERE the night in question and Scott was not.  So if a doctor or so-called expert comes up and basically says your most trusted friend/son/daughter/mother/1st grade teacher who was a nun is brainwashed, you believe them– because they know something about the situation that you don’t.  This, in Lyme, works especially well on those who are not medically savvy.  

So what takes away the power of these doubt-planters?  Well, if someone else, in addition to Bad Wolf, was there and told Scott the opposite of what Bad Wolf said– that would take away part of Bad Wolf’s power.  It may also make Scott doubt Bad Wolf all together and slap him in his big Bad Face. 

When real Lyme experts, those who actually treat patients (not just send them out the door saying they don’t have Lyme), start to contradict the IDSA, CDC, the doubt-planters, it takes away a lot of their power.  

Luckily, we have this, and I think we are becoming much louder than before.  

Ever notice how many anti-Lyme patient/activist articles will not contradict other physicians, researchers or the science but will only talk about patients or activists?  As if we are the only ones who disagree with them, and there is no science, other physicians or researchers that exist.  They do that for a reason.  It’s a sneaky way for them to start painting a picture.  

Sort of like the picture below.  

Since it is Teen Wolf, and the writing/imagery can be really stunning at times, I am thinking they meant to do this.  But if not, it was a neat coincidence. 

The Demonization of Stiles 


–Loon Out 

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