The Big Why of Lyme and A Big Question

Went in for a check-up today with the awesome doc who probably saved my life by correctly diagnosing a tick-borne disease many years ago.  As we were talking, we landed on something I have had brewing in the back of my mind for a while now.  Why is Lyme (and other tick-borne diseases) such a thing now?  They weren’t when I was younger.   I lived in the Boonies (yes, capital B) and we would get wood ticks on us all the time– stuck in and everything.  And we were fine.  

Is it just a disease that started spreading more?  We know it has existed for thousands of years before now.  Did it mutate over the years to something that is easier to catch/spread by humans and vectors or hosts?  We know Bb proper is spread by the white-footed mouse, and there are other hosts, like birds, that are becoming more and more common carriers.  I don’t see a lot of research taking place on that particular point though.  Probably not enough money in it, right?  Anyway.  Are there more ticks?  Fewer being eaten by (whatever) eats them.  Foxes?  Fowl?  

I think it may be a combination.  I am not of the opinion that we are moving more into their habitat because it is not exactly something that is spread by people to people so I could see maybe a few more would catch it by moving into more country-type areas, but I can’t imagine it is the big cause of what we are seeing. 

The big question I am sure has been discussed for years and years before I write about it here, but I think it still needs to be repeated:  Are we 100% sure that people are so sick because of Bb proper and not because of something else in the ticks that we have not identified yet such as a parasite (pointed out by said life-saving doctor).  I knew there have been many unidentified *things* (virus, bacteria, parasite, etc) in tick’s guts.  

Can you imagine something injecting this bunch of known crap into your bloodstream?  Doc: “Heck.  We don’t know what this is and no idea what it does to people” — but let’s just ignore that for now and go with what we know about Bb, the little research about it (done mostly on EM rash/joint symptoms patients) and treat every single tick-borne disease patient as if that is their end-all diagnosis.  
The 100% truth, no matter what the IDSA says, is that they do NOT know much about Bb proper OR all of the other new bacteria/virus/unidentified junk in tick guts or how it will react in humans.  It’s absurd when they say they know all there is to know about Lyme.  It’s absurd when people parrot it.  Usually these are people who have never experienced it.  

I know that once we have an accurate test for Lyme and other TBDs, it will change a lot as far as accepting this disease is as wide-spread as some realize it is.  However, for those not yet sick, why aren’t we seeing a lot of research into why this all happened in the first place so we can stop it from happening again?  

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