Happy Lyme Awareness Month

Quick update:  I am not going to be doing the local screening this month for many reasons– the main being that it got too busy at work (and home), and I was not going to have the help needed.  I like to do things right, so if I wasn’t going to be able to do it well, I thought it best to put it off. 

I am going to use any energy instead on a educational sort of local thing instead, and I will be posting any updates on this site when I have more info.  One thing I know:  There will be freebies.  🙂  I will also keep LiveWellWinona updated.  
Here is a wonderful new study out.  If anyone (still) has a reason to doubt persistence, this is one more link to add to the list.  But if people are still doubting, they usually are too far in denial to be swayed by even more scientific research. I like to use the below facial expression for those type of people.  I highly recommend it.  It’s therapeutic.    New Study  



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