Bite a Lime for Lyme! 

A great grass-roots movement from Facebook has been making its way around to some pretty sweet (pun intended) people!  

Here is the link 


Though there may be celebrities posting pictures/videos now, every single person who does this challenge takes a place in my heart.  Don’t worry– my heart can hold a LOT of love so keep these challenges coming!  

As some may know, I just had oral surgery on Monday and still have wounds healing, but I am going to try to get my own video out by the end of March SOMEHOW!  

In the meantime, I’m still out here challenging people.  🙂 Using the last 2 days of my vacation (including my birthday) to get as many people as possible to bite a lime! 

Yep- that’s me now. Toothless (but not as cute).  


But like Toothless, I do have a set to use should I need to.  :0)  And there they are!  


Thanks to my family/friends for the pudding, soup, and kind words this past week!  It made recovery so much easier.