The Grinches Who Steal Christmas

There is a breed of people I will never understand.  They remind me a lot of grinches except for th fact that the grinch never called himself anything but a GRINCH.  These people put on a persona of an expert, a nice person, a professional, but by reading their articles, you can tell they are anything but.  The twisting of facts, the snottiness of tone, the overall dismissiveness of thousands of patients who have info no one else does about this disease, and the callous presentation of a very sensitive subject to many.

I have never said I was anything but a blogger as far as writing credentials.  I am no journalist, but I at least know the ethics code one is supposed to abide by if this is their professional job.

Since the internetz is a thing now, and these articles can be seen for the next however many years, I suggest they start using this code unless they want to live in infamy as a heartless idiot.  Sort of like if there was the internetz many years ago and people who believed smoking was okie dokie (or even GOOD for you) wrote aricles about the people who were saying it was bad for you and how stupid they were; or those who thought you got HIV by touching people, imagine they spread that crap around for people to see FORVER.
I have a page (Idjits) started for these bloggers, “writers,” those with LPIP (Lyme-patient induced psychosis), who have never had Lyme (or if they did, only the minor acute type) but want to tell all Lyme and other TBD patients how to treat their disease, live their lives, think their thoughts because THEY know better.  And if f these patients do not agree, these LPIPs (Lyme-patient induced psychotics) will deem you stupid, scammed, unscientific loons who believe in all manners of crazy things. No matter the LPIPs don’t have any knowledge of how these patients arrived at ther conclusions.

Sure, there may be the odd patient who just goes on whims and doesn’t do any research, but my personal experience with Lyme patients (which these LPIPs don’t have) is that the majority are more knowledgable about their bodies, their symptoms, which doctors are actually listening to them and trying to provide the best care possible no matter what, than any “writer” could possibly be.

The fact these LPIPs are so arrogant to even think the can know more about a person’s decisions, thoughts, validity of symptoms, etc., is all the proof anyone should need that such “writers” are not worth the time it takes to click away from their common-sense-lacking pages.

In no particular order, not including all possible “writers” at these sites: Entire Site (Jay Novella) Entire Site (Steven Novella)

Medpagetoday: Ivan

Huffington Post: Beth Daley

Healthline: David Heitz

Michael Spector Steven Luntz Entire Site (Philly Baker runs this, or did) Tried to pretend they were separate from IDSA and got busted. (and various other websites with similar name) Entire Site (Steven Barrett operator)

New York Times: Stanley Plotkin Curt Nickisch Emily Sohn Kent Sepkowitz, Russell Saunders

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