Happy Loonoween!  

I apologize for not posting in a week or 2.  I got a bit sick, as is the nature of this disease.  Mostly I deal with migraines these days and then have to play catch-up on what I missed during the time I had to be either sleeping or not moving much.  Since even watching TV or being on my computer will make things worse, I feel this is one of the worst types of hell 🙂 but my good days are more than my bad days, so I can’t complain too much. 

I do still have the critique of another Lyme blogger article that I don’t think I posted.  I also have another slight part of that I wanted to update, and then I will slap it up here. 

Until the end of the year, I am going to be pretty busy on my next 2 big projects:  Finally getting my dentures and working on “studying” the new ILADS guidelines.  Since I want to promote these as much as I can, especially locally, I thought I better know them inside and out.  I also want to break them down into easier reading for others.  They do have a nice list that does break it down, but I want to make something sort of in between that and the harder reading, 33 pages. 

The last thing I am going to be working on is putting together something for schools and health facilities to use for training providers, kids, teachers, etc. about the signs of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.  It seems that still many nurses and doctors cannot identify correctly an EM rash or even know that people can have Lyme without getting a rash at all.  

I will still be posting on here, though, hopefully without too much interruption.  I have a lot to say about mandatory flu vaccinations, so that’s coming up too.  

Once I get my new teeth, I will definitely put up a new photo, one I’ll actually be smiling in.  

For now, you get to see my new loon wings.  

–Loon Out