Yes, You Do Have The Gall To Tell Me What Disease I Don’t Have

INTRO Only, Film at 11

AKA I Have To Work For A Living

This recent article in Healthline, written by David Heitz, is just another example of:

Not Sure If Really Stupid … Or Really Bad At Job.

I leave out the option of “working for the enemy” because I don’t want to take that far of a leap unless I have proof.  This is not something that troubles David Heitz.  Since he identifies himself as a “freelance writer specializing in health/LGBT reporting” I assume this is not an opinion piece.  If it was, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

On Facebook, he states he prefers to “present other people’s stories” because personal experience is too “raw.”

Not Sure If Heartless … Or Just Really Clueless.

Since it is not an opinion piece, people are going to read his article and think that it is factual.  This can lead to some problems maybe he didn’t think about.  Things he can be on the hook for:

1. The continued terrible treatment of people suffering with a horrifying disease.

2. Additional misdiagnoses of an already complex and easy-to-misdiagnose disease leading to almost assuredly worsening of the disease itself (as it is said by even the CDC and IDSA it is easier to treat when you catch it early).

Let’s stick with those two for now.

I would HATE to have either of those hanging around my neck, but I do understand those who have not seen or FELT what this disease does every single day to thousands of people (including children let’s not forget) don’t quite get the depth of it.

But I am not one tiny bit absolving David and others like him of ANY of it.  Why?

Because with great power (or more readers than I) comes great responsibility.  With something as controversial and complex as Lyme disease, you should treat it with the utmost respect.   Instead he dropped it, stomped on it, added a sneering snobby title, then slapped it up on the internet.

David, writing LGBT themed pieces didn’t give you any insight into how wrong that is?

I really hate doing these types of posts tearing apart how much Pretend-Lyme-Experts get it wrong in their articles because going painfully through each and every sentence has become so BORING.  So predictable.

I did one previously on this blog called “The Blogger and the Bleep.”  Just in case you want to read something while you’re waiting.

Since I need to start work now, I will be finishing this up tonight, but please be sure to come back.

For a nice little taste, here is his opening line:

“Add “chronic Lyme disease” to the list of conditions doctors say are nothing more than hype.”  

First of all, the word “doctors” is not defined.  At all.  How many doctors? Which doctors? Does he not know that many doctors have actually HAD chronic Lyme themselves including one of the smartest researchers EVA, Eva Sapi?

I see what I did there.

And then he says:

“The number of Lyme disease cases in the United States more than doubled from 1995 to 2009, to almost 30,000, according to the IDSA. Talk of chronic Lyme disease has been gaining momentum, with famous doctors such as Richard Horowitz making the talk show rounds.” 

Why no mention, David, of the CDC’s number of 300,000 (yes, the additional zero is correct) new cases of Lyme a year in the US alone? The way it is written, it sounds like there are only 30,000 cases total, not per year (which is even MORE wrong than saying 30,000 cases a year).

Also this Richard Horowitz chap is a doctor.  Does he believe it is hype? Or did you mean any-doctor-not-Richard-Horowitz in your other statement?  Dr. Horowitz is not just “famous,” he is an expert on tick-borne infections. Why didn’t you say that?

It gets worse.  I’ll be back to count the ways … (and I can count pretty darn high).

–Loon Out

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