This Is McSweevil

In case you don’t know McSweevil/McSweegan, here is one article about him.

Not cool. Remember, this disease affects kids as well as adults. It can be totally debilitating and cause neurologic and cognitive difficulties for the rest of someone’s life.

So yea, screw around with a disease I have–I’m gonna be mad. Screw around with a disease kids are getting–You’re going to go down in history as one of the worst people ever with me (and others) spreading the word as much as possible.

-Loon out!

McSweevil Vs. A “Psych-O”


Carlton Lassiter–the Anti-McSweevil. 

I happen to be the fan of surprisingly few television shows. At first, I thought I watched a bit too many (though these days I get my TV from Hulu and Netflix mostly). Apparently I watch significantly less than the average American.


One of my all-time favorite shows is Psych. It was created by Steve Franks who wanted to get back that whole “Moonlighting” vibe of show (one of my very first favorite shows coincidentally).

This show has gotten me through some very tough times when I was sick. I don’t take that lightly. After all, there were not many things I had to hang on to then. I remember thinking a few years back–how strange it is to have that much connection to a show, to ascribe attachment to it. I knew they didn’t do it on purpose. They weren’t trying to help me. They didn’t even know me. But they did more to help me than many real people I knew for much longer.

Then after reading about Franks’ motivations for writing the show and seeing how much real appreciation the actors and others involved with the show have for their fans — I changed my mind.

Mr. Franks did not create the show for ME.

Andy Berman did not write some of the funniest jokes for ME.

James did not fall through a fake window, and Dule did not wear shaving cream on his head for ME.

But part of their motivation and love of their work on this show does correlate to ME enjoying all these things. Maybe it just shows their talent for acting, some bitter people might say; they have to pretend to love the fans, to be modest …

That may be true for other actors, other shows. Psych is different. They lovingly call their fans “Psych-Os” which I think matches quite well with my other nickname/derogatory-turned-badge-of-honor Lyme “Loonie” coined by McSweegan and others. 

Reflecting on all this has, in part, inspired the idea for my current weapon which I will talk about in another.

A weapon? How could such a wonderful post detoriorate so fast?!

Maybe it’s the Lassiter in me. Granted, I’m only a tiny part “Lassiter.” I wouldn’t have even thought of it had I not NEEDED a weapon.

It is the essence of Sweevil. Part sweet, part evil.  That’s me.  It’s something that happens when you need to defend yourself, and sometimes you have to do that using ways that makes normally nonconfrontational me feel evilish.  

A McSweevil is all evil.    

You may ask: Won’t that be giving the enemy too much of a head’s up, saying you have a weapon on your blog?  And I would answer: You see how many readers I have?

C’mon son.

So I am taking this opportunity to thank every single person ever involved in the making of this wonderful, awesome, pineappletastic show.

Thank you for making me laugh on my worst days.

Thank you for appreciating the fans as much as you do.

Thank you for the extra bit of motivation I needed to see that you can reach a lot of people with, in essence, one simple idea.

Now excuse me while I get ready to serve a bunch of McSweevils a big, hot bowl of Suck It Soup … 



–Loon out

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FDA Power Grab

I am extremely upset to see this, as are many Lyme patients.  Lorraine Johnson does a great job explaining why this is bad for Lyme patients as well as innovation in the laboratory field.  We need less government involvement in medical tests, not more.  We have seen what the CDC and FDA have both done to mess Lyme up, and they are still brave enough to keep going. 

Please see this article by Ms. Johnson as she says it better than I could.