Beth Daley’s Article on Lyme Tests

Beth Daley wrote the linked article on Lyme tests, reporting this breaking news:

Wait for iiiiiiiiit!

Not all Lyme disease tests are accurate!

No shit.

Anyway, she mentioned the CDC’s statement a few months ago that said to not trust anyone’s Lyme tests but FDA  tests.  This could be a problem, however.  Why?  Because when you use this “loophole” for not being FDA passed (CLIA) sometimes the FDA was the one to determine you did not need such clearance or approval and the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) was good enough.

The problem with Lyme tests isn’t any sort of sneaky, underhanded getting around being FDA approved.  The problem with Lyme tests is the fact that the bugger that causes Lyme is sneaky and underhanded.  It hides from tests.  There are other species the current (even FDA) tests do not match and will not give a positive result no matter what.


I edited this because I wanted to condense it and note I am not yet doing the critique.  They did a good one over at ILADS’ website (one of the blogs), and I was focusing on too many things over here to give it the time I wanted to.

–Loon out.