Why is Steere still touted as a Lyme “expert”?

Remember this?


This is a paper by Steere stating how Lyme is overdiagnosed.

We are about a year out of the CDC coming up with new estimates of 300,000 cases per year in the US of Lyme disease. Previously, they had stated about 30,000.

So I’m thinking maybe
1. They shouldn’t have put Steere in charge of anything regarding Lyme except maybe the rheumatologic signs.
2. They shouldn’t have accepted the guidelines the IDSA wrote (and were supposed to rewrite but didn’t yet).

Also, shouldn’t the CDC put out (about a year ago) a statement with that gross underestimation telling doctors to stop using tests as screening tools that they treat as 100% accurate?

Shouldn’t any doctor/provider who saw this news be smart enough to deduce that maybe tests are not quite so accurate?

Or is the next CDC shoe (or is that a flip-flop) that will drop be a picture of doctors overdiagnosing Lyme and that is why there is a 300,000 versus 30,000 leap.

Since they didn’t remove the tests or give any other advice with their statement about the 300,000, I’m guessing we better be ready for that.

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