The CDC and Lyme Tests

On April 18, 2014, the CDC published Concerns Regarding a New Culture Method for Borrelia burgdorferi Not Approved for the Diagnosis of Lyme Disease (link below).  Basically, it advises that the only tests that should be used to diagnose Lyme disease are tests that don’t work as well as other tests.  But they say it in a way that makes you think their tests are better.  Why would they do this? Well, for one because Barbara Johnson has a financial/patent interest in the ELISA test, one that has shown time and again to be pitifully lacking in diagnostic ability. 

As beautifully stated on Lyme Policy Wonk’s recent blog post (link below), the FDA approves tests for marketing to other companies.  If the FDA does not approve a test, it does not mean it has not gone through a thorough process to say it is a good test. The CDC article does not tell you that though. 

Doesn’t it make you a bit worried when the CDC writes deceptive articles?  Aren’t they supposed to help Americans?

I don’t believe anyone involved in agencies approving, promoting, researching, or any other “ing” should be involved in any patents, financial interests, anything at all that could give them a conflict of interest.  There are plenty of people who can hold these positions.  There are actually plenty of people who would remove themselves from something like this.  Not so of Barbara Johnson.

In fact, she even went as far as criticizing (incorrectly, I might add) the ALS Culture Test for Lyme.  How embarrassing.  (Example in last link below).  The rebuttal of her critique is in another blog post giving part of Dr. Alan MacDonald’s rebuttal.

So not only is she crooked, she isn’t quite as smart as those making tests better than hers that she cannot even criticize it without being wrong.

Funny how they didn’t have a link to that trainwreck either.

People currently still trust organizations like the CDC, the FDA.  With the new promotion “Cure The CDC,” I think they better start doing damage control rather than writing articles that are simply going to make them look worse. 
–Loon Out