Stark Has Nothing On Me

“A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.”

There are many different ways to interpret that sentence.  

There has to be some bad to appreciate the good.

One has to experience some bad in order to feel the good.

The stars are always there, you just can’t see them until it gets dark. 

Or even 

The good is always there, but the bad helps it get attention.   

Whoops.  Did I slip there?  

Here’s another sentence. 

“There are degrees of bad.”  

Bad fashion. 

Bad TV shows. 

Bad people who do bad things.

Good people who may have to stoop to a lower level than they would like to expose such people and such things. 

There are plenty of bad things that aren’t illegal.  They even really, to some people, wouldn’t be considered bad.  

But to people who like to keep mostly the positive in their life, even really having to discuss them is hard; having to get in the trenches and see them up close is disgusting.  

But it doesn’t match the nightmare that they have brought on people.  

I am worried, however, that I may not be strong enough.  They can do their little war without having to care, as if they have the best armor and are never touched by bullets.  

I don’t have that.  I will feel every single hit.  

So I have come up with something to help lessen that. 

When dealing with such things, it comes down to having the bigger weapon.  Or as Mr. Stark says, “… the one you never have to use.”  That’s not going to work here.  We need the one that wipes out your enemy so completely and quickly there really is nothing left to do after it is deployed. 

I have such a weapon.  

Mr. Stark would be amazed.  My weapon:

1. Only takes out the guilty. 

2. The enemy may see it coming yet be absolutely powerless to stop it. 

3. Anyone who wants to can pull the trigger with me.  

4. Can never be taken away.  

5. It doesn’t actually kill anyone. 

What is this weapon?  

The truth.  

Regarding chronic Lyme disease/late stage Lyme disease/Lyme plus other tick-borne illnesses or whatever you want to call it, the IDSA wrote emails that were finally released and published by Mary Beth Pfeiffer’s Lyme articles in the Poughkeepsie Journal where one email by Durand Fish (an IDSA Lyme guidelines author) is quoted to say 

“This battle cannot be won on a scientific front. We need to mount a socio-political offensive; but we are out-numbered and out-gunned.”

Another part mentioned emails of McSweegan (or McSweevil if you are so inclined).    From Poughkeepsie Journal’s Mary Beth Pfeiffer: 

“NIH’s Edward McSweegan, an infectious diseases administrator, calls the struggle “a war…a disinformation war. …It’s time to start shooting back,” he writes in February 2007.” 

So what they did was abuse their “expert” status to make others think anyone telling the scientific truth was crazy.  

And, unfortunately, it worked.  

At least until “crazy” started to be backed up by experts and researchers and grew to such numbers any person with a lick of common sense started doubting the “crazy” story.
In any kind of war, there are victims. The way this disease keeps on spreading, they are going to continue to be outnumbered and outgunned.   

In this war already people are starting to ask–who knew what and when.  Why didn’t they stop this?  As they keep personally barking their party line of “hard to catch, easy to treat” in articles across the country–they will always be pretty easy to point out. 

And if there is one type of criminals even the CRIMINALS don’t like, it is those who hurt kids.  

CDC: The most common age to get Lyme disease is between 5 and 9.  

The truth is in the science and which scientists denied the truth. 

Recently someone got, like, a billion years in prison for infecting a child with HIV.  How many years should these people get? 

So if you want to start a war, you better be pretty darned sure you can handle the weapons that fire back.  I am using my “truth-booms” as much as I can. 

But I have come to accept the fact that I am just never going to look as cool as Tony Stark.  

-Loon out

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