Lyme-Patient-Induced Psychosis

Since there are so many self-appointed experts on Lyme out there–blogging away with barely any research, filling in gaps with opinion, a dash of sneer and superiority, bringing everything together neat and tidy using the fine art of making-shit-up, why can’t I self-appoint too?

Shan: Lyme-Patient-Induced Psychosis Expert

There. Now all I need is a badge, and it will be official!

Since I’m the expert, allow me to tell you all about Lyme-Patient-Induced Psychosis, hereafter referred to as LPIP.

That’s pronounced EL-pip, by the way, not L’pip. We are not French.

Well, not today anyway.

Some background:

Anyone who has had severe Lyme (or other tick-borne disease that sometimes get thrown under the Lyme name for ease of understanding) will tell you that it is a very emotional topic for them.

We have had to fight for a diagnosis, fight to get treatment, fight the ignorance, fight to make it through the day, fight to resist the urge to punch people who say they are “tired too.”

We are veterans of a war we didn’t start and never asked for. We all have battle scars. Some have inoperable word-shrapnel stuck in their hearts–fired by loved ones and strangers.

We have a reason to be emotional about Lyme.

Then there are the LPIPs who, for whatever reason, feel soooo darned EMOTIONAL about Lyme patients (but do not have Lyme themselves). They NEED to write about how said Lyme patients do NOT have Lyme. They have to SAVE them from themselves and these “quacks” who diagnose them.

This feeds the LPIP ego in 2 ways: First, they are a Savior. Secondly, they get to show, once again, how much SMARTERthey are than these silly Lyme patients who were brainwashed with probably a smile and a cupcake.

Did you know LPIPs also believe in a conspiracy where LLMD quacks “disappear” the patients who dare speak out against them? That, obviously, is the only reason LLMDs have waiting lists to get seen, because Lyme Loonies are brainwashed to go out and give them glowing recommendations. It’s really quite similar to that North Korea doncha know.

It certainly IS NOT because people are getting better after going to these LLMDs. Psssh! That’s crazy! Or if the patients DO think they are better after going to Quack Quack, MD, it’s because they are really stooopid. (Remember–they weren’t really sick in the first place anyway).

I’m not too sure if there is a cure for LPIPs, but here is my proposed treatment plan.

Start by taking away their links to scientific journal articles from 1990 that they think are the BOMB–and studies that have since been proven to be not worth the paper they were printed on.

Be ready for the withdrawal this causes.

We could then make them sit down and read the more recent scientific research, the ones that aren’t circular studies, statistically insignificant, or done by people with conflicts of interest.

Be ready for the truth-burns at this stage. Maybe have water handy.

After we comforted the LPIPs for a bit … we’re not monsters after all. WE don’t kick people when they are down … we then open their eyes with a scary, yet honest ending.

A final paper, one written by an agency that is supposed to HELP the sick.

One of the biggest issues in Chronic Lyme and the war of “is it real or not” is the lack of a truly accurate test for those in any stage of the disease. There is a such a test now.

CDC authors took a position saying the research specimens were contaminated (my over-simplification).

The parts they claimed were contaminated were never in the same state together.

Prepare for final sads. Pat on back and send them on their way.


The CDC. They were supposed to help arm us in this war. Instead, they double-crossed Lyme patients, handed us a grenade with the pin already pulled.

Too bad it is going to blow up in their face .

So for all you LPIPs out there:
1. Stop making yourself feel special at the cost of others–especially when your “information” is so out-dated it’s like saying you can get AIDS by touching someone. You’re truly just showing your ignorance.
2. You won’t know this disease better than those who fight it or the doctors who are right there it in the trenches or the researchers who are going where the science leads them, instead of the same old tired circles.
3. Don’t pick on sick people. Remember–kids get this disease too. Don’t trip old ladies or kick puppies. Does this really need to be said? It seems like this part of you is missing, and I need to say it.
4. Cupcakes ARE bad. Leave them for me and my fellow Warriors.

We deserve them.


Delong, A. K., B. Blossom, et al. (2012). “Antibiotic retreatment of Lyme disease in patients with persistent symptoms: A biostatistical review of randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trials.” Contemp Clin Trials.

The rebuttal to the CDC claim the culture test is contaminated is on an additional blog post here, quickly copied and pasted at 2 a.m. but will clean it up soon. Pwomise.

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