Alan MacDonald’s response to contamination claim

In response to a paper by Barbara Johnson of the CDC (and others) claiming the culture test for Lyme done by Advanced Laboratories is “flawed” according to their assessment, Dr. ALan MacDonald wrote a response.

HERe is the link to the Johnson paper

This is part of what Dr. MacDonald says defending the work:

A crucial ERROR in the CDC paper criticizing Advanced Labs and Dr Eva Sapi

was the CDC assumption that the BSK media testing which used LIVE control strains

of Borrelia burgdorferi, B. gainii, and B. Afzelii

was done in Philadelphia, Penn- — the location of Advanced Laboratories.

Actually the TRUTH is:

Dr. Eva Sapi did ALL of the BSK Media Testing of ATCC control living borrelia strains

in her West Haven Connecticut Laboratory at the University of New Haven.

Therefore : In Philadelphia, Penn at the Advanced Laboratories



Geographic separation of Advanced Laoratories fromthe University of New Haven Laboratories

makes the CDC contamination argument an IMPOSSIBLE EVENT.

The Advanced Laboratory received tubes of human blood for Testing.

The Only living borrelia in the Advanced Laboratories building

were PRIMARY [New} { Unique} isolations of Borrelia from Human blood.

It is IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTAMINATE human blood specimens with


if the location of the Control borrelia {allegedly the source of positive

cultures held in Philadelphia by Advanced Labs]

i was Only ON SITE in the University of New Haven Research Lab of Dr Eva Sapi.

hundreds of miles from Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

–End of Quote–

****************Please read more at link below**********

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