Stark Has Nothing On Me

“A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.”

There are many different ways to interpret that sentence.  

There has to be some bad to appreciate the good.

One has to experience some bad in order to feel the good.

The stars are always there, you just can’t see them until it gets dark. 

Or even 

The good is always there, but the bad helps it get attention.   

Whoops.  Did I slip there?  

Here’s another sentence. 

“There are degrees of bad.”  

Bad fashion. 

Bad TV shows. 

Bad people who do bad things.

Good people who may have to stoop to a lower level than they would like to expose such people and such things. 

There are plenty of bad things that aren’t illegal.  They even really, to some people, wouldn’t be considered bad.  

But to people who like to keep mostly the positive in their life, even really having to discuss them is hard; having to get in the trenches and see them up close is disgusting.  

But it doesn’t match the nightmare that they have brought on people.  

I am worried, however, that I may not be strong enough.  They can do their little war without having to care, as if they have the best armor and are never touched by bullets.  

I don’t have that.  I will feel every single hit.  

So I have come up with something to help lessen that. 

When dealing with such things, it comes down to having the bigger weapon.  Or as Mr. Stark says, “… the one you never have to use.”  That’s not going to work here.  We need the one that wipes out your enemy so completely and quickly there really is nothing left to do after it is deployed. 

I have such a weapon.  

Mr. Stark would be amazed.  My weapon:

1. Only takes out the guilty. 

2. The enemy may see it coming yet be absolutely powerless to stop it. 

3. Anyone who wants to can pull the trigger with me.  

4. Can never be taken away.  

5. It doesn’t actually kill anyone. 

What is this weapon?  

The truth.  

Regarding chronic Lyme disease/late stage Lyme disease/Lyme plus other tick-borne illnesses or whatever you want to call it, the IDSA wrote emails that were finally released and published by Mary Beth Pfeiffer’s Lyme articles in the Poughkeepsie Journal where one email by Durand Fish (an IDSA Lyme guidelines author) is quoted to say 

“This battle cannot be won on a scientific front. We need to mount a socio-political offensive; but we are out-numbered and out-gunned.”

Another part mentioned emails of McSweegan (or McSweevil if you are so inclined).    From Poughkeepsie Journal’s Mary Beth Pfeiffer: 

“NIH’s Edward McSweegan, an infectious diseases administrator, calls the struggle “a war…a disinformation war. …It’s time to start shooting back,” he writes in February 2007.” 

So what they did was abuse their “expert” status to make others think anyone telling the scientific truth was crazy.  

And, unfortunately, it worked.  

At least until “crazy” started to be backed up by experts and researchers and grew to such numbers any person with a lick of common sense started doubting the “crazy” story.
In any kind of war, there are victims. The way this disease keeps on spreading, they are going to continue to be outnumbered and outgunned.   

In this war already people are starting to ask–who knew what and when.  Why didn’t they stop this?  As they keep personally barking their party line of “hard to catch, easy to treat” in articles across the country–they will always be pretty easy to point out. 

And if there is one type of criminals even the CRIMINALS don’t like, it is those who hurt kids.  

CDC: The most common age to get Lyme disease is between 5 and 9.  

The truth is in the science and which scientists denied the truth. 

Recently someone got, like, a billion years in prison for infecting a child with HIV.  How many years should these people get? 

So if you want to start a war, you better be pretty darned sure you can handle the weapons that fire back.  I am using my “truth-booms” as much as I can. 

But I have come to accept the fact that I am just never going to look as cool as Tony Stark.  

-Loon out

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Supernatural Bug and Supernatural Ignorance

Many of the articles I read about Lyme Disease, usually those who agree with the IDSA view of Lyme, equate Lyme advocates with people who do not believe in vaccines. That is sort of like saying breast cancer advocates are anti-lumpectomy. Guidelines before the big push by advocates used to say modified radical mastectomy was the way to go. It gave the patient really no choice. Like it or lump it. No pun intended. Now patients have a choice and can have treatment tailored to their specific disease.

Lyme advocates want the same thing. So crazy, right?

The simple truth is that Lyme advocates are Lyme advocates. Period. (In case you missed the small little dot after the first sentence).

Most of us, however, ARE anti-Lymerix. This was the first Lyme vaccine for people. Those “reporters” who are too good for actual research read the one little blurb from all the other articles by reporters who didn’t do their job either and “report” that Lymerix was taken off the market because of stupid Lyme advocates and their paranoid delusions.

Kind of like this guy Click here for an example of bad research or anti-Lyme advocate agenda. Guess what? There is also a picture of Dr. Steere on that “article” as well. We’ll get back to him another day.

That is far from the truth. Lyme advocates did help get it off the market. We did not do it alone.

The IDSA’s stated agenda (obtained by the FOIA) was to wage a psychological war since they could (obviously) not win on fact alone.

From Mary Beth Pfeiffer’s award-winning series of articles on Lyme in the Poughkeepsie Journal:


There is plenty of fact to go against Lymerix that anyone who can spell can find evidence–not speculation–evidence that not only was Lymerix a bad thing, the researchers knew it was a bad thing. (See below about the Supernatural example in how vaccines work; something the researchers, CDC, anyone who knew anything about Lyme and vaccines knew). The CDC knew it was a bad thing, but still it got on the market. The FDA knew it was bad probably before, but definitely after it was hurting people, and let it go on in what seems to be a sort of experiment (yikes). Why? I am, as I have to state way too much, not going to guess what their motivations were.

The above linked article whines about how dogs can get vaccinated against Lyme but people can’t (and blame Lyme advocates for that fact). They should be thanking us.

There is a huge difference between dogs and people. I am sure both sides can agree on that. There is also a huge difference between dog Lyme disease and people Lyme disease. Heck, there is a huge difference between my Lyme disease and my daughter’s Lyme disease, even though we were probably bit in the same area of the town we live in. Our immune systems are so complex. I am 24 years older than she is. I have been exposed to things she hasn’t. Maybe my immune system was working better that day. Our genes are not the same, though similar. So many things shape our disease.

One other aspect I will actually make into another post is the fact that vets know that dogs do not lie. They can’t even talk, right? So if they are having trouble walking, they are going to believe the dog 100%. Not true with the human patient. Dr. House famously said Everybody Lies. Some doctors take this too far, though. You know what Dr. House would say if he was a vet? “Every dog lies by omission.'” That would be true enough.

But like I said, different blog post that will also expand on the fact that many doctors readily believe men over women (they think we over state our symptoms and we’re a bunch of babies). No offense to babies.

Normal vaccines work by taking a surface protein of the disease you want to fight, multiplying it through molecular tech, then inject into humans. The human’s immune system then generates antibodies against this protein. If the microbe later attacks, these now existing antibodies latch on the surface of it and wipe it out.

Lyme disease (Bb) is different. Its surface proteins know how change to run away from such silly things. Dr. Elizabeth Maloney explains it as the disease changing coats. Like a disguise.

For our Supernatural Fans out there, imagine you give Sam and Dean a salt gun and a ghost attacks. BLAM! ghost gone.

Now imagine they are in the episode Hell House. The bad guy keeps changing (although it doesn’t know it is doing it, making it different from big old bad Bb).

So what researchers did is something a bit different (because they know it changes its looks and can’t be beaten by a regular vaccine). They took a protein called OspA and figured they could have the tick suck the antibodies up, thus, the antibodies would kill any Bb in the tick’s gut.  The problem?  OspA they found caused problems.  So they fiddled with research (and actually fiddled so much they made an entire mouse study meaningless) and got it passed.

From one of many questions LDA asked the FDA about Lymerix. (Glaxo was the manufacturer of Lymerix).

Further, what are the implications of GlaxoSmithKline’s presentation at the January 31, 2001 Advisory Committee Meeting of a study on mice which it claimed disproved any auto-immune arthritic risk, without revealing the fact, until questioned, that the mice used in their study lacked the cross-reactive epitope, and therefore rendering the study, as one member of the committee stated, “irrelevant”?

One big fact many other “reporters” miss– The FDA would have made the company take the vaccine Lymerix off the market if they didn’t do it willingly.  So in the end, the FDA/Glaxo were the ones who removed it at that time.

Bb is smart. It knows to disguise itself to hide from the immune system (as well as antibiotics). Some species have even been found to have a sump-pump which basically ejects antibiotics to help it survive.

I would definitely love to see an episode of Supernatural where they take on this sucker. The even worse enemy right now, unfortunately, are those who wish to make money off of suffering by blaming those who are sick and those who perpetuate this by laziness (or other unclear agendas) like the linked-to “article” about the “evil Lyme Advocates.”

Quick note: Bloggers are bad enough, but did you know the IDSA guideline writers actually put out an opinion piece in a medical journal saying that Lyme advocates were actually a threat to public safety? HA! You didn’t know I had super powers did ya?

If you make money by actually giving us a good product–that is great.

But if it just smoke and mirrors; well, you better watch out. I do, after all, have Castiel’s number.


I couldn’t resist. This picture is just too much. (I hope that is the correct credit on the picture).

–Loon Out

G6 Lyme Advocate Video

You are now entering a dangerous zone.  After all, Lyme Disease advocates are an evil bunch.  People who tell you to get educated about something are, of course, trying to hide the truth.  

If we really were crazy and brainwashed, no one would need to say it.  We’d have proven it all by ourselves a long time ago.  Besides, if they are so afraid of us while half our brains are tied behind our backs, they certainly don’t want us getting well so we become a REAL threat.

Alan MacDonald’s response to contamination claim

In response to a paper by Barbara Johnson of the CDC (and others) claiming the culture test for Lyme done by Advanced Laboratories is “flawed” according to their assessment, Dr. ALan MacDonald wrote a response.

HERe is the link to the Johnson paper

This is part of what Dr. MacDonald says defending the work:

A crucial ERROR in the CDC paper criticizing Advanced Labs and Dr Eva Sapi

was the CDC assumption that the BSK media testing which used LIVE control strains

of Borrelia burgdorferi, B. gainii, and B. Afzelii

was done in Philadelphia, Penn- — the location of Advanced Laboratories.

Actually the TRUTH is:

Dr. Eva Sapi did ALL of the BSK Media Testing of ATCC control living borrelia strains

in her West Haven Connecticut Laboratory at the University of New Haven.

Therefore : In Philadelphia, Penn at the Advanced Laboratories



Geographic separation of Advanced Laoratories fromthe University of New Haven Laboratories

makes the CDC contamination argument an IMPOSSIBLE EVENT.

The Advanced Laboratory received tubes of human blood for Testing.

The Only living borrelia in the Advanced Laboratories building

were PRIMARY [New} { Unique} isolations of Borrelia from Human blood.

It is IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTAMINATE human blood specimens with


if the location of the Control borrelia {allegedly the source of positive

cultures held in Philadelphia by Advanced Labs]

i was Only ON SITE in the University of New Haven Research Lab of Dr Eva Sapi.

hundreds of miles from Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

–End of Quote–

****************Please read more at link below**********

Sorry I didn’t add this sooner. This came from

Lyme-Patient-Induced Psychosis

Since there are so many self-appointed experts on Lyme out there–blogging away with barely any research, filling in gaps with opinion, a dash of sneer and superiority, bringing everything together neat and tidy using the fine art of making-shit-up, why can’t I self-appoint too?

Shan: Lyme-Patient-Induced Psychosis Expert

There. Now all I need is a badge, and it will be official!

Since I’m the expert, allow me to tell you all about Lyme-Patient-Induced Psychosis, hereafter referred to as LPIP.

That’s pronounced EL-pip, by the way, not L’pip. We are not French.

Well, not today anyway.

Some background:

Anyone who has had severe Lyme (or other tick-borne disease that sometimes get thrown under the Lyme name for ease of understanding) will tell you that it is a very emotional topic for them.

We have had to fight for a diagnosis, fight to get treatment, fight the ignorance, fight to make it through the day, fight to resist the urge to punch people who say they are “tired too.”

We are veterans of a war we didn’t start and never asked for. We all have battle scars. Some have inoperable word-shrapnel stuck in their hearts–fired by loved ones and strangers.

We have a reason to be emotional about Lyme.

Then there are the LPIPs who, for whatever reason, feel soooo darned EMOTIONAL about Lyme patients (but do not have Lyme themselves). They NEED to write about how said Lyme patients do NOT have Lyme. They have to SAVE them from themselves and these “quacks” who diagnose them.

This feeds the LPIP ego in 2 ways: First, they are a Savior. Secondly, they get to show, once again, how much SMARTERthey are than these silly Lyme patients who were brainwashed with probably a smile and a cupcake.

Did you know LPIPs also believe in a conspiracy where LLMD quacks “disappear” the patients who dare speak out against them? That, obviously, is the only reason LLMDs have waiting lists to get seen, because Lyme Loonies are brainwashed to go out and give them glowing recommendations. It’s really quite similar to that North Korea doncha know.

It certainly IS NOT because people are getting better after going to these LLMDs. Psssh! That’s crazy! Or if the patients DO think they are better after going to Quack Quack, MD, it’s because they are really stooopid. (Remember–they weren’t really sick in the first place anyway).

I’m not too sure if there is a cure for LPIPs, but here is my proposed treatment plan.

Start by taking away their links to scientific journal articles from 1990 that they think are the BOMB–and studies that have since been proven to be not worth the paper they were printed on.

Be ready for the withdrawal this causes.

We could then make them sit down and read the more recent scientific research, the ones that aren’t circular studies, statistically insignificant, or done by people with conflicts of interest.

Be ready for the truth-burns at this stage. Maybe have water handy.

After we comforted the LPIPs for a bit … we’re not monsters after all. WE don’t kick people when they are down … we then open their eyes with a scary, yet honest ending.

A final paper, one written by an agency that is supposed to HELP the sick.

One of the biggest issues in Chronic Lyme and the war of “is it real or not” is the lack of a truly accurate test for those in any stage of the disease. There is a such a test now.

CDC authors took a position saying the research specimens were contaminated (my over-simplification).

The parts they claimed were contaminated were never in the same state together.

Prepare for final sads. Pat on back and send them on their way.


The CDC. They were supposed to help arm us in this war. Instead, they double-crossed Lyme patients, handed us a grenade with the pin already pulled.

Too bad it is going to blow up in their face .

So for all you LPIPs out there:
1. Stop making yourself feel special at the cost of others–especially when your “information” is so out-dated it’s like saying you can get AIDS by touching someone. You’re truly just showing your ignorance.
2. You won’t know this disease better than those who fight it or the doctors who are right there it in the trenches or the researchers who are going where the science leads them, instead of the same old tired circles.
3. Don’t pick on sick people. Remember–kids get this disease too. Don’t trip old ladies or kick puppies. Does this really need to be said? It seems like this part of you is missing, and I need to say it.
4. Cupcakes ARE bad. Leave them for me and my fellow Warriors.

We deserve them.


Delong, A. K., B. Blossom, et al. (2012). “Antibiotic retreatment of Lyme disease in patients with persistent symptoms: A biostatistical review of randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trials.” Contemp Clin Trials.

The rebuttal to the CDC claim the culture test is contaminated is on an additional blog post here, quickly copied and pasted at 2 a.m. but will clean it up soon. Pwomise.