Stretch-marks, red lines can mean Bartonella

If you have symptoms of Lyme disease, and they are predominantly neurological, you may have a Bartonella co-infection. Not that they even know for sure it IS a Bart. organism. It could be a Bartonella-like organism as one of the experts stated.

Here is an example picture, stated by a doctor in the area to be a classic Bartonella “rash.” No recent weight gain, growth spurt. These did not fade for a couple of years (after she was on treatment). They are not above the skin, they are below it.

Please see a Lyme literate physician if you have something similar.

By the way– ***Hello Brazil!  I don’t know if it’s the same person coming back to this page over and over, but my stats say that this page is popular in Brazil. Leave a comment! Tell me why this is such a popular page over there.  šŸ™‚ 


I am happy to report, by the way, the person in the picture is doing pretty well.  However, she does have some residual symptoms.  It was “lucky” she did get this “rash” because it helped give some outward sign that something was just not right.  The more people understand all the different objective signs, rashes, and are able to identify them better than they have been, the more people will be getting diagnosed and, hopefully, believed

–Loon Out 

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