They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

I get to hear a lot of different stories about how people were diagnosed, their symptoms, how their friends and family reacted. Sometimes it just drives me crazy, though, to hear how some physicians are so terribly clueless they don’t even think about Lyme. At all.

One example: A lady who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years before asked the doc if she might have Lyme on top of it, or instead of it. They tested her back when she had a tick bite, a screening test, and it was negative. This physician told her that even if she did have Lyme back then, she couldn’t possibly have it now. The patient could not remember if she was treated with antibiotics just in case back then or not. The doctor didn’t even ask either. So I wonder. Where did the Lyme go? If it is just going to magically go away, why treat anyone ever?

Another example I didn’t hear directly, but it was relayed to me by a friend. Apparently she had been going to the doctor for years, was ruled out for a lot of things but still had pain, joint problems, headaches, memory issues, numbness … the list went on and on. She then developed an acute case of Lyme and had a rash so was given antibiotics. She stated that she couldn’t wait until this “little bout of Lyme was over” so she could get back to fixing all her other health problems. Unfortunately, in the 2 months since she was diagnosed she had been given steroids. I’m not sure why, if whoever prescribed them didn’t know she had Lyme, if they didn’t know that would be bad … I’m afraid her little bout of Lyme was not going to be over soon. It could have even been the problem for all her other issues as well.

How do you even start to fix a problem that seems so deep … it isn’t even on people’s radar? 

Loon Out

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