Almost Human

So who else is awaiting this new show?  It has so many great things in it!

  • It’s SciFi
  • Has great actors
  • It’s on Fox
  • Love the name ….

Almost Human.  I think others with Lyme can definitely relate to that.  Many days  you just feel so off, like you are not yourself.  Other people, including physicians, sometimes make us feel like we are less than human.  We couldn’t possibly know what we feel, experience, think, or KNOW.  We are a lab value, a medication list, a problem patient.

Most days, though, I feel More than Human.  Not in an I’m-Better-Than-You sort of way though, but simply the fact that I survived this far makes me feel I’m more than normal now.

This is one gift this disease has given me.  Even though it has made me feel so powerless at times, it has also made me actually powerFUL.  I have personal knowledge of how this disease can work. I know I can make it through anything. These are 2 very valuable things.

Don’t lose sight of your worth.

Now imagine Karl Urban saying all of that in his awesome voice …

–Loon Out

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